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Why delegating is beneficial for your business when you can...

Are you in the mindset of thinking that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself? Or maybe you think that if you start handing off your tasks to others, you’ll be considered dispensable or unnecessary in your role (which isn’t true).

Whatever your reason for avoiding delegating tasks, consider this your wake-up call to shift your mindset and start making a change. Here are a few reasons why delegating tasks can benefit your business practice.

- Save time. Delegating tasks allows you to finish more jobs in a shorter period. Therefore, you’ll have more time to dedicate to other work projects or some extra downtime, which can be just as important.

- Reduce stress. Burnout is REAL, especially when you have a long list of menial tasks taking up mental space.

- Help others learn. Increase the knowledge and ability of your team by focusing on teaching them how to do your job. Not only will this increase efficiency and promote teamwork, but you’ll also be able to cover for one another should there be illness or other reasons for staff to be gone.

- Build confidence with junior staff. So many managers and supervisors only pass on small, unimportant jobs to their junior staff, which can quickly build resentment and stifle confidence. Instead of passing along the easy jobs and keeping the problematic jobs for yourself, even out the workload and show your team

that you trust their judgment by doling out some more challenging responsibilities. Doing so will help each member grow and improve their skill sets, making the workflow of your company as a whole run more smoothly.

Get the delegation ball rolling!

Look at your upcoming task list and ask yourself: is there someone on my team who knows more about this than I do? If so, send them a message and ask them to chat. Consider whether there’s someone junior to your position who might jump at the opportunity to learn and/or take on a new skill, and make a plan to meet with them to discuss whether they’re willing to take on some more responsibility.

This may not fit all the time or everyone, but if it does, then decide to delegate...

"Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it/" David Ogilvy

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