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Mentorship Programs

Sprouting Nutritionists and Coaches (SNC) support and assist integrative & functional nutritionists who wish to get credentialed in the field.


SNC offers two options- Membership and a Pay as You Go Program.  In the Membership Program, everything is set up under one monthly subscription, while the Pay as You Go program will allow you to choose when and what you need at different prices. 

Please note that there are some states or areas we cannot assist in for CNS Candidates to work with clients. Most of these are known as "red" states, and some require licensure to practice, which means the CNS Supervisor must be licensed in those areas for a CNS candidate to work. We are working on obtaining and understanding all state laws, which are evolving and changing. The ANA has a map for more information and guidance here, but it may not reflect all the ins and outs a state has in place for its laws.  


Here at SNC, we monitor the laws and regulations for working CNSs, Coaches, and TeleHealth aspects because it's pertinent to be up-to-date and compliant. We strive to ensure that we are in compliance and remain in compliance as we will support and monitor that all CNS and Coaching Candidates are in compliance too. 

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