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Work with your strengths..

Remind yourself what you bring to the table...

How much time do you spend mulling over your weaknesses and shortcomings? How many negative thoughts do you think you have throughout an average day?

If you’re stuck in the pattern of putting yourself down, comparing yourself to others, and overlooking your strengths, you’ll feel too drained to progress to reach your full potential.

Take a moment to think of something you want to improve about yourself.

Now, would you categorize that thing as a strength or a weakness?

In all likelihood, you chose a weakness. This is because most of us are programmed to see weaknesses as more changeable than our strengths—which means that we’re more inclined to try and improve upon our weaknesses when, in reality, we should focus on developing our strengths!

Not sure where to find your strengths? Do some research...

Poll your friends and family (only those you trust to give you an honest answer) and ask them what they think your strengths are. Not only is this a great way to provide yourself with a confidence boost, but you also might be surprised to hear what they have to say!

Another helpful exercise is to ask yourself what people come to you for help with. Are you good at polishing resumes? Are you always in the know about the latest technology? Do people consult your opinion before making a financial decision? Whatever it is, pinpoint your strengths and find ways to integrate them into your business!

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