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Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Just as Sprouting Nutritionists & Coaches (SNC) supervisors personalize programs with their clinical clients, they will do the same for those working with them towards their CNS supervision hours, offering TWO mentorship programs. At some point in the future, we hope to expand into providing support to those who are Health & Wellness Coaches, CNS exam support, and CEs for both Nutritionists and Coaches, plus more. However, until then, we are gearing up for CNS Candidates.

Requirements for CNS Candidates:

CNS candidates must obtain 1,000 hours of supervised practice in clinical nutrition care. BCNS requires that for every 40 hours a CNS candidate works towards meeting their competencies, a minimum of 1 hour must be spent with their CNS supervisor, provided through the Monthly Mentorship program or Pay As You Go Program.

The Difference Between the Programs:

Monthly Mentorship is all-inclusive for one low monthly price. You will be assigned a supervisor to meet with you once a month, and there are two monthly group options, a private Facebook group to foster support and community, plus a Google Share Drive with resources and more.

Pay As You Go is not all-inclusive but allows you to be in the driver's seat when you need a session with a supervisor, which must be at the 40 hours worked mark, which could be monthly or every other month, depending on your path and needs. All other services provided in the Monthly Mentorship are provided at a fee so that you can purchase what you need when you need it.

No, matter which program you choose, you and one of the assigned supervisors will construct a program that suits your individual needs and goals using a combination of observational experience and independent experience by reviewing your current and past clients, creating client-driven education materials and group programs and as we grow this will too.

Reminder- CNS Candidate Requirements:

To work with Sprouting Nutritionists & Coaches Supervisors, a candidate must meet the following:

  • Must hold a Master of Science or Doctoral degree in a field of nutrition or a related field (including, but not limited to, Public Health, Health Science, Biochemistry, Nursing, Physician’s Assistant, and Dietetics) from a United States regionally accredited college or university, or its foreign equivalent; OR Doctoral degree in a field of clinical healthcare (including, but not limited to, DC, DDS, OD, Doctor of Nursing, ND, PharmD) from the United States regionally accredited college or university, or its foreign equivalent.

  • They are actively working towards their CNS Certification and building their client base.

  • Can work independently.

  • Are well organized and maintain detailed logs of their direct and indirect experience hours to be reviewed by the CNS-approved supervisors

  • Candidates must be available for routine phone/ video calls.

SNC is working to make it simple and affordable to obtain your hours.

SNC is passionate about helping to mentor and support the next generation of qualified nutrition professionals and therefore keeps their CNS Supervision fees reasonable and affordable.

Monthly Mentorship Membership-

  • $200/mo is all-inclusive, which includes

    • one - 60-minute session with a supervisor

    • Community Chat Group for support and community

    • Group Meetings (2 per month)

    • Group Resources

    • and more...

Pay As You Go-

  • $100 for every 40 hours worked for a one- 60-minute session with a supervisor

  • $50 for a quick 30-minute session with a supervisor (intense clients, fast approvals, etc.)

  • $40 per month for a Private Community Chat Group for support and community

  • $25 per Group Meeting (2 per month)

  • $30 per month for Group Resources

  • and more...

If you’re ready to begin discussing working with Sprouting Nutritionists & Coaches as your CNS Supervisor, please keep a look out -- more is coming soon!

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